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The ForeSite Consulting team offers professional consulting services to help communities and heritage areas
PRESERVE, MANAGE and PROMOTE their Natural, Cultural, and Historical Resources.

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What Clients Say . . .

"I highly recommend Foresite Consulting, LLC and Rita Robinette for any Convention and Visitors Bureau that is seeking to conduct a cultural and heritage tourism assessment for their destination. Rita Robinette is a true professional that will go above and beyond to ensure a successful project. Our CVB team has utilized the information and research provided by Foresite Consulting to enhance our … [Read More...]

"Rita’s meticulous method of compiling and analyzing data will greatly benefit our county as we look to her recommendations for making Letcher County a tourism destination." Ina (Missy) Matthews, Chairman Letcher County Tourism and Convention Commission … [Read More...]

The Ward Melville Heritage Organization

"Rita Robinette is a problem solver. You present a situation to her and she will resolve it. Our organization is very complex and she was able to accomplish our goals. She can grasp a concept you want to accomplish and research it, implement it and finish it quickly. She is a professional and follows through on every project in a timely fashion. I would recommend her highly to any organization." … [Read More...]

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