Inventory Survey & Management Tools

Heritage Explorer consists of a series of web-based tools to help communities PRESERVE, CONNECT, PROTECT & PROMOTE their natural, cultural and historical resources, including:

  • Cultural & Historic Sites – Museums, Art Galleries, Cultural Centers, Arts & Crafts Shops, and Antique Shops, and Cultural Sites; Historic Places, Historic Buildings, Historic Monuments, Archaeological Sites, Graveyards, and Historic Markers
  • Natural Sites & Parks – Scenes, Routes, Greenways, Treks and Trails, Parks & Outdoor Recreational Facilities
  • People – Musicians, Performers, Poets, Artists, Folklorists and Storytellers
  • Stories –  Folk Stories, Tall Tales, and Urban Legends
  • Agricultural, Aquaculture & Fishing –  Farms, Orchards, Gardens, Vineyards, Fisheries & Fish Markets 

These tools were developed to help communities inventory and manage their natural, cultural and historic resources during the Cultural Heritage Resource Survey and Planning phase.   If you already have a resource inventory, but it is in a static document or computer database, Heritage Explorer is a great tool to make the information come alive and become fully sharable and searchable online.   They can be used to promote Cultural Heritage Resources by making them available online to your partners or the public via an interactive website.  

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